ACoP4, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Development of a Human System Pharmacology Model to Characterize Diabetic Nephropathy Disease Progression and the Effect of Standard of Care Therapy.
Authors: Danny Chen, Veronika Voronova, Sergey Smirnov, Evgeny Metelkin, Ekaterina Goryacheva, Antonina Bahmutova, Oleg Demin
Affiliation: Pfizer Inc. Cambridge, MA; InSysBio, Moscow, Russia
ASCPT 2013, Indianapolis, IN, US
Systems Pharmacology Modeling in Research and Development
Speaker: Oleg Demin
Exploration of molecular mechanisms underlying susceptibility of HCV patients to IFN-? therapy via systems pharmacology modeling
Authors: Oleg Demin, Sergey Smirnov, Neil Benson, Piet H. van der Graaf, Victoria Flores, Ekaterina Goryacheva, Oleg Demin
Affiliation: InSysBio, Moscow, Russia; Pfizer, Sandwich, UK