Our Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

At InSysBio our mission is to provide QSP modeling to world pharma to assist in efficient drug development thus bringing hope to patients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish QSP modeling as an essential part of pharmaceutical industry in order to dramatically reduce risks and time consumption of drug development cycle.

Our Values
Commitment to patients
Day by day we do our best to improve global diversified drug development process ultimately aimed at delivering medicines to patients. We make the process faster to maximize patients’ quality of life.
Partners support
We provide individual approach towards customers’ needs and decrease the risk of financial and time losses. Comprehensive annotation of our models allows the partner to effortlessly reproduce and operate the models for further purposes.
Creative atmosphere
We create favorable atmosphere for self-development of researchers specializing in quantitative pharmacology and mathematical modeling in biology and medicine.
QSP modeling popularization
We develop and popularize mathematical modeling in the sphere of biology and medicine. Our researchers regulary publish scientific papers and present them at major international conferences.
Educational assistance to academic entities
We provide extensive support to academic entities: from giving courses on mathematical modeling in universities to providing free usage of our softs to facilitate their research activity.