ACoP8, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Mechanistic model for the role of the microgliall cells in amyloid accumulation and its modulation by immunotherapy
Authors: Tatiana Karelina1, Alexander Stepanov1, Theresa Yuraszeck2, Dean Hickman2, Steve Wood2
Affiliation: 1InSysBio, Moscow, Russia; 2Amgen Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
Tau propagation system pharmacology model based on three-component memory-retrieval system predicts heterogeneous response to immunotherapy in brain regions
Authors: Tatiana Karelina1, Alexander Stepanov1, Timothy Nicholas2
Affiliation: 1InSysBio, Moscow, Russia; 2Pfizer Worldwide R&D, Groton, CT, USA
A Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Model of Asthma
Authors: Sergey Smirnov1, Galina Lebedeva1, Oleg Demin1, Tatiana Petukhova1, Lourdes Cucurull-Sanchez2, David Fairman2
Affiliation: 1InSysBio, Moscow, Russia; 2GSK Medicines Research Centre, Stevenage, UK
Model-based analysis of clinical assays for assessing the efficacy of vaccines against Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)
Authors: Galina Lebedeva, Nikolai Pakhomov, Oleg Demin, Oleg Demin Jr
Evaluation of Potential Low-Dose Regimens of Oral Fixed-Dose Combination of Cytidine Deaminase Inhibitor E7727 with Decitabine (ASTX727-LD) to Minimize Decitabine-Mediated Neutropenia in Low-Risk MDS Subjects Using Systems Pharmacology Modeling
Authors: Antonina Nikitich1, Oleg Demin1, Oleg Demin Jr1, Aram Oganesian2
Affiliation: 1InSysBio, Moscow, Russia; 2Astex Pharmaceuticals Inc., Pleasanton, CA
7th German-Russian Week of the Young Researcher, Moscow, Russia
SbmlViewer is a visualization tool for systems biology modeling
Authors: Viktoria Tkachenko, Evgeny Metelkin
AD/PD 2017, Vienna, Austria
Amyloid toxicity and different mechanisms of action for amyloid-targeted treatments studied by quantitative systems pharmacology model
Authors: Tatiana Karelina1, Timothy Nicholas2
Affiliation: 1InSysBio, Moscow, Russia; 2Pfizer Worldwide R&D, Groton, CT, USA
ASCPT 2017, Washington DC, US
Mechanistic model of neutrophil cell dynamics and activation to inform systems pharmacology modeling of the immune response
Authors: Galina Lebedeva, Sergey Smirnov, Evgeny Metelkin, Oleg Demin
Mathematical description of multiple effects of regulatory molecules
Authors: Sergey Smirnov, Evgeny Metelkin, Galina Lebedeva, Oleg Demin
ACoP7, Bellevue, WA, US
Mechanistic approach to describe multiple effects of regulatory molecules on cell dynamics process in immune response
Authors: Oleg Demin, Evgeny Metelkin, Galina Lebedeva, Sergey Smirnov
Quantitative systems pharmacology model of amyloid pathology allows for clinical endpoint prediction and hypothesis testing
Authors: Tatiana Karelina1, Oleg Demin1, Timothy Nicholas2, Sridhar Duvvuri2
Affiliation: 1InSysBio, Moscow, Russia; 2Pfizer Worldwide R&D, Groton, CT, USA
Exploration of differences between mechanism-based PK/PD and systems pharmacology models
Authors: Oleg Demin
Modeling of immune response suppression by hepatitis C virus and nivolumab treatement in chronic hepatitis C patients using quantitative systems pharmacology approach
Authors: Oleg Demin Jr
PAGE 2016, Lisboa, Portugal
Population PK modeling of RPH-104, novel optimized IL-1 beta trap, and assessment of the immunogenicity effect on pharmacokinetics
Authors: Evgeny Metelkin1, Tatiana Petukhova1, Oleg Demin1, Elena Shipaeva2, Mikhail Samsonov2, Anna Krotkova2, Yan Lavrovsky3
Affiliation: 1InSysBio, Moscow, Russia; 2JSC R-Pharm, Moscow, Russia; 3R-Pharm Overseas, Inc., San Diego, US