InSysBio to upgrade its Cytocon DB

October 16, 2020

October 16, 2020

Latest news about Cytocon DB! Its new version got a number of principal update

New annotation and review forms were implemented in backend of the database in order to promote “Special units” concept. This tool allows to include into the DB such kind of units for cell subtypes as % of cells_markers_tissue_disease (percent of “parent” cell characterized by particular set of markers) and to recalculate them to unified units whether cells concentration was measured in the annotated article or not. In the first case, the concentration of cell subtypes is calculated on the basis of the concentration of “parent” cell available in the article. In the second case, the average concentration of the “parent” cell in the particular tissue and disease is taken from the DB.

The order of the columns with patient group attributes was changed in the Table results to make data interpretation more convenient.

The DB was extended with new data, namely:

  • 7 diseases,
  • 1 tissue,
  • 26 molecules and
  • 1866 concentrations were introduced,
  • 28 articles were reviewed.

The table shows the actual number of components available in Cytocon DB

To get more information about the latest version of Cytocon DB, please, visit its website.

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