InSysBio to share new data in frames of its Open Source QSP model of COVID-19

August 3, 2020

August 3, 2020

InSysBio has received a new set of results in framework of development of QSP model of COVID-19 describing virus and host cell life cycles, innate and adoptive immune response and possible therapeutic treatments.

Immune Response was introduced in empiric way as was described in materials available at


Simulating model version without Immune Response induction demonstrates that model is able to reproduce self curing dynamics. Indeed,

  • There is a threshold in virus initial concentration. The values above the threshold lead to substantial steady state virus load. The values below the threshold do not allow detect virus in sputum at any time, i.e. viral load tends to steady state value equal to 0.
  • ODE system has 1 unstable and 2 stable steady states. One of the stable steady states correspond to 0 viral load and other corresponds to very substantial viral load.
  • Model is able to describe self curing dynamics, i.e., viral load tends to 0 when initial virus concentration is below threshold. If initial virus concentration is above threshold then virtual patient is being infected and viral load tends to very high value with time.

Limitations of the version of the sub-model:

  • IR was described in empiric way;
  • antiviral IFN type I effect was not implemented;
  • sub-model describes scenario when 100% of lungs are infected with virus but most patients demonstrate partial lung injury only;
  • uncertainty in parameter values has not been explored.

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