InSysBio to run Heta video tutorial on YouTube

November 27, 2020

November 27, 2020

InSysBio has recently launched weekly series on YouTube about the Heta language.

Heta is a modeling language for quantitative systems pharmacology and systems biology. Now InSysBio presents the tutorial consisting of short lessons that familiarize with Heta, describe its features and show examples.

Evgeny Metelkin, Head of product development team, comments on Heta application, “Working on large scale models is painful because it is very easy to lose control over your model code. Nice diagrams and tables help but not much. I believe that the better solution is to apply human writable code not only for data analysis but for describing the QSP and Systems Biology models’ content too. The Heta language allows you to split the model code, share, reuse model parts, and integrate all parts into a single platform then. Now the Heta project is mature enough to have its own Tutorial”.
The range of opportunities that provides Heta are now available not only for software developers but for modelers too.

The tutorial consists of 10 weekly series. Now there are four available video lessons on our YouTube channel InSysBio Media:

  • Introduction,
  • Preparation,
  • Syntax. (The base syntax of Heta is demonstrated using the one-compartment PK model.),
  • Components. Assignments. (The base components and classes which describe a dynamic system in a process-description format.),
  • Switchers: TimeSwitcher, DSwitcher, CSwitcher,
  • Compartments. Species. Reactions,
  • Exports,
  • Annotation. Units,
  • Namespaces,
  • Modules.

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