InSysBio to release the new version of DBSolveOptimum

October 6, 2020

October 6, 2020

DBSolveOptimum 2020 provides extended opportunities for QSP modeling

[Moscow, Russia – 06.10.2020] InSysBio, one of the world’s pioneers of Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) modeling, releases the new version of mathematical simulation workbench DBSolveOptimum 2020. It represents a significantly advanced and extended successor of the well-known simulation software DBSolveOptimum described in the paper [PMID 20698988] published in 2010. DBSolve is a user friendly simulation software package that enables to simplify the development, calibration and analysis of QSP models.

Actually, DBSolveOptimum 2020 embraces significant modifications in comparison with its previous version (developed in 2010). This upgrade allows to better fit to reality of QSP modeling and to meet requests of developing modelers. First of all, DBSolve was extended by three new methods enabling to develop QSP models in collaborative projects more efficiently, namely:

  • New modification of Hooke-Jeeves algorithm was developed and implemented. It allows to make the fitting stage of QSP model development easier and more flexible in terms of available data, model complexity, number of fitted parameters and type of objective function;
  • “Parameter scan” procedure was implemented. It allows to perform multiple simulations including Monte Carlo simulations, global sensitivity analysis, global fitting, generation of populations of Virtual Patients;
  • Calculation of dose dependence on model parameter or initial value on ODE solution (i.e. at selected time point) was implemented. It allows to reproduce data measured in in vitro experiments and dose dependence of end-points measured in clinical trials.

DBSolveOptimum 2020 interface has become more user-friendly due to the exclusion of two methods (Implicit solver and Bifurcation analysis) which are limitedly applicable in QSP modeling. Moreover, set of R scripts called “dbs-package” was developed in order to provide extended facilities for analysis of simulations performed with DBSolve. The dbs-package allows to perform: (1) the creation and analysis of DBsolveOptimum inputs and outputs for multiple simulations and statistical analysis, (2) the import/export DBSolveOptimum model and data files from/to different formats.

Another significant update concerns the capability of DBSolve to simulate large scale QSP platforms. DBSolveOptimum 2020 is enforced to simulate models including up to 2500 ODE variables and/or rate laws. This is up to 5 times higher than corresponding limitations of the previous version of DBSolve.

Additionally, some bugs of the previous version have been corrected. Nail Gizzatkulov, Head of DBSolve development team, comments on it, “We have significantly upgraded DBSolve in accordance with multiple requests of InSysBio modelers. This allowed us to make the simulation package more focused on QSP modeling and more comfortable for QSP modelers”.

Application of DBSolveOptimum 2020 together with other software tools developed by InSysBio (IRT and CYTOCON databases, heta language and heta compiler) allows to simplify routine work on QSP model development and calibration.

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