IRT Onco version is focused on tumor-specific immune response

December 14, 2022

[Limassol – 14.12.2022] InSysBio, one of the world’s pioneers of Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) modeling, launches the Oncology version of Immune Response Template (IRT). IRT in Oncology represents a QSP platform of immune system in cancer, simultaneously being a tool for development of QSP and mechanistic models related to tumor-specific immune response.

IRT is a part of InSysBio’s QSP software infrastructure being under constant development. The new IRT Onco version contains tumor and tumor-draining lymph node compartments that provide the opportunity to perform more accurate cancer modeling.

Initially, IRT is based on two main components. On the one hand, it is a database including a wide variety of features covering the immune system. On the other hand, it comprises Navigator that provides intuitive interface to interact with IRT Database. Thus, a modeler can apply calibrated sub-models exported from IRT as building blocks for particular purposes.

Veronika Musatova, Head of IRT development team, comments on the update, “Previously, IRT has been representing the immune system in general and now we have developed the version which is more eligible for immune response modeling in oncology projects. The initial Onco version describes core processes, and then we are going to include regulators of the processes and focus on parameters identification via the data obtained particularly from oncology research”.

IRT Onco version schemes include type of cells that involved in tumor immune response: different types of T cells, B cells, Dendritic cells, Natural killers, Macrophages, etc. Also, the platform covers the process of specific destruction of malignance cells by NK and CD8a cells. The core model of IRT Onco version currently embraces 311 cell processes describing reactions for 95 time dependent cell variables with 386 parameters. Moreover, complexes formation between 33 surface molecules species is described.  Nearly 40% of equations parameters in the current version are identified by direct calculation or fitting.

List of IRT Onco main processes:

  • Migration of cells between compartments (blood plasma, lymph nodes, tissue, tumor, tumor-draining lymph node).
  • T cells proliferation.
  • Activation and deactivation of CD4, nsCD4, CD8, nsCD8, B cells and Treg cells.
  • Differentiation of macrophages in different types (M1 and M2).
  • Activation of DC in different types (Tumor-specific DC and Non-tumor-specific DC).
  • Specific lysis of Malcell by NKd and CD8a.
  • Binding of surface receptors in immunological synapse.

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