InSysBio to release CYTOCON DB Open version

November 12, 2020

November 12, 2020

CYTOCON DB Open is designed for free public use

[Moscow – 12.11.2020] InSysBio, one of the world’s pioneers of Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) modeling, has extended the variety of options to experience its CYTOCON DB with a new way. In general, the database allows to investigate the concentration of multiple species measured in different tissues of patients. Now InSysBio presents its public version entitled “CYTOCON DB Open”.

Previously there existed the demo version of CYTOCON Database or the commercial version accessible via purchasing the license. The new access mode to use or to get acquainted with CYTOCON DB is free. Actually, CYTOCON DB Open has the same functionality as CYTOCON DB. However, CYTOCON DB is updated on the monthly basis (approximately 1500 cell/molecule concentrations per month) while CYTOCON DB Open will be updated once per year. It concerns both content and functionality.

The development of the full version CYTOCON DB web application was launched about a year and a half ago. Now it embraces an impressive scope of data and features implemented (152 disease types, 75 tissues/physiological fluids, 353 molecules, 113 cell types and states, 14528 values of cytokine/cell concentrations; data extracted from 543 papers/other public source). The most meaningful sections comprise quantitative characteristics of patients, illnesses, and species concentrations. In fact, these species embrace the cells and cytokines concentrations observed in healthy people and patients who undergo treatment and those who don’t.

In should be outlined that CYTOCON DB Open, a version of the database designed for public use, is reduced in comparison with CYTOCON DB. Nevertheless, it has the same functionality and user-friendly interface that makes it simple to experience the usage of CYTOCON DB Open. Ekaterina Mogilevskaya, Head of Cytocon DB team, describes the most efficient way to apply the new version of the database, “Firstly, select necessary species, tissue types, diseases in Query section. You can choose cell markers and disease attributes. Than obtain your search results as a Table or Graph result. You can also export your selection results in csv format. Compare concentrations of cells/molecules recalculated into unified units from different sources. Or compare results for species of healthy controls and patients with different diseases”.

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