The launch of fIVE DB facilitates calibration of biomodels

December 16, 2021

[Moscow – 16.12.2021] InSysBio, one of the world’s pioneers of Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) modeling, now presents its new QSP modeling tool, fIVE DB. The name of the database derives from In Vitro Experiments DataBase (fIVE DB). fIVE DB is a repository of kinetic data for Systems Biology Modeling. Its purpose is to facilitate calibration of biomodels based on in vitro data.

fIVE DB was initially presented in frames of Twelfth American Conference on Pharmacometrics (ACoP12). Alexander Stepanov, Head of the new project highlights, “We consider that the information provided by fIVE DB allows to boost and facilitate parameters identification for development of QSP models”. fIVE DB contains experimental datasets manually extracted from published literature and converted into kinetic parameters that describe cellular processes such as migration, proliferation, differentiation, death and secretion of cellular products. fIVE DB is being constantly expanded to include new in vitro experiments and effector regulation network.

fIVE DB stores kinetic parameters (kbase, Emax, Imax, EC50, IC50 etc.) and its experimental context. An approach for translating in vitro and ex vivo experiments into kinetic constants is developed by InSysBio. fIVE DB is designed to be searched for kinetic data based on the cell type, reactions, effectors and modifiers, or for their various combinations. Users can browse and search the content of the repository, and download results in CSV format. Moreover, data collected in fIVE DB provides a good start point for model calibration.

Key features of fIVE DB:
• Search by cell or by process type;
• The query may include effector (activator or inhibitor) or effector’s modifier, type of kinetic constant;
• Table/CSV format representation of the search results.

InSysBio team has developed its own QSP infrastructure that includes both services and software products. However, its further advancement and extension is underway. The launch of fIVE DB is a new step to provide QSP community with cutting-edge work environment and make modeling process more efficient for both external and internal modelers. More information about fIVE DB can be found at
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