InSysBio to present COVID-19 QSP model further development

June 30, 2020

June 30, 2020

InSysBio continues to move forward in COVID-19 QSP model development. Its aim is to describe virus and host cell life cycles, innate and adoptive immune response and possible therapeutic treatments.

Model description:

In addition to sub-model describing virus and pneumocyte life cycles InSysBio team has constructed a sub-model describing life cycle of macrophages. Now we present the scheme of the sub-model and quality of calibration against in vivo baseline data. The sub-model describes:

  • influx of monocytes (PBM) from bone marrow regulated by GMCSF,
  • PBM migration to lung tissue stimulated by CCL2, CXCL10 and TGFb,
  • PBM polarization to M1/M2 macrophages regulated by Antigen, IFNg, IL10, TGFb, IL4 and IL13,
  • IL1b, IL6, IL10, IL12, IL23, TNFa, TGFb, CXCL10 and CCL2 production by the PBM and macrophages,
  • cytokine/chemokine distribution between lung tissue, plasma and lymph node,
  • cytokine chemokine degradation.

The model is preliminary calibrated against available in vitro data describing regulatory effects of cytokines/chemokines on cell dynamics and then finally calibrated against in vivo baseline data measured for healthy subjects.
To learn more about the model and detailed description of calibration, please, visit:

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