InSysBio presents an enhanced version of its Immune Response Template Database

February 21, 2020

February 21, 2020

IRT Version 3.0.0 acquires a wide variety of updates and new options

(Moscow – 21.02.2020) InSysBio, one of the world’s pioneers of Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) platform development and provision, moves forward to the future. According to InSysBio Top Officials, the report on the latest amendments within the IRT was yesterday presented at the company’s internal seminar. Veronika Musatova, Head of IRT development team, highlights, “The new version is mainly aimed to boost and facilitate the development of QSP models in immunology and immuno-oncology therapeutic areas. Previously IRT was mainly addressed to as a kind of manual on immune cell interactions and regulations rather than fully-fledged database and now it is rethought to be an efficient and useful tool”.

Actually, new schemes and players were added into the database, total revision of core model reactions and parameters was introduced. Moreover, a great variety of new cell types and regulatory molecules has become represented. One of the advantages of the IRT is implementation of a method allowing to translate in vitro measured EC50/IC50 of regulatory cytokine effects into in vivo model. Due to QSP modeling technologies drug development acquires dramatic efficiency increase. Globally the QSP modeling assists to determine the optimal doses, target groups of patients and substances effect on the human body. These advantages of QSP modeling are enabled by the fact that mathematical models represent virtual constructions based on experimental data and real objects’ features. Application of IRT allows to simplify routine work on QSP model development and calibration by using calibrated sub-models exported from IRT as building blocks.

In comparison with the previous versions of IRT the latest one provides higher quantity of identified parameters, namely about 60% of them have been identified. Particularly, schemes and equations according to introduced cell types have been revised. New regulatory molecules are added in descriptions of cells proliferation, apoptosis, migration and activation.
Veronika Musatova outlines, “Our further soft development is underway, for instance cytokines sources profiles and new models are expected to appear. Some outdated information is being actualized”.

About InSysBio:

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