InSysBio Annual Internal Scientific Meeting

February 20, 2018
**February 20, 2018** 14-16 February 2018 InSysBio held Annual Internal Scientific Meeting. Results of the last year have been discussed and summarized. In 2017 we collaborated with seven international pharmaceutical companies in framework of eight projects. Seven pharmaceutical companies began to use Immune Response Template 1.0, a platform for QSP modeling in immunology and immuno-oncology developed by InSysBio. Three research papers have been published in CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology and Journal of Controlled Release. We have discussed the progress in ongoing projects such as QSP model of Alzheimer’s Disease (including amyloid beta and tau description), modeling of T cells and CAR-T therapy in oncology, development of QSP modeling software and other projects. This Annual Internal Scientific Meeting was the 11th held by InSysBio.