Big data and decision support systems for pharmaceuticals

December 21, 2016

Moscow, Russia - December 20, 2016. Oleg Demin, CEO of the Institute for Systems Biology Moscow, gave a talk at the seminar "Big data and decision support systems for pharmaceuticals.".

The event held on December 19, Moscow was organized by the "National Technology Initiative" and the Semantic Hub company. The representatives of big Russian and international pharmaceutical companies, such as P-PHARM, Bayer and AstraZeneca, and developers of information technology attended the seminar. During the meeting, participants discussed the main trends and prospects of further cooperation.

"Mathematical modeling is a time machine for drug development", Oleg Demin started his presentation. He spoke about what mathematical modeling of diseases was and how the ISBm solutions had helped pharmaceutical companies in research of new drugs. He noted that the drug development have always been an expensive and long process for big Pharma. At the same time a number of developed medicines usually drops out on the late stages - in the second and third phases of clinical trials. Mathematical models developed in the ISBM for customers helped to offset the disadvantages by looking in the "future" for each compound. For example, QSP- models (quantitative system pharmacology models) have the greatest planning horizon: built more on the early stages of the research, they predict what the developers can see on the second phase of clinical trials.

Oleg Demin also spoke about the upcoming release of a new ISBM software product - Immune Research Template (IRT). This program aggregates many years of modeling experience in the company and can simplify the development of QSP-models in the immuno-oncology field.

You can view the materials of presentation here.