InSysBio will present at the American Conference on Pharmacometrics (ACoP8)!

July 25, 2017

Moscow, Russia, July 26, 2017. - Event announcement. This year the scientific team of InSysBio will make 9 poster presentations in conjunction with leading pharmaceutical companies at ACoP8. Also at the special session "QSP Modular design - Approaches to speed up the QSP model development" Oleg Demin Jr will hold a workshop on modeling with the Immune Response Template (IRT) platform. The theme is "Architecture of Immune Response Template: integration and representation of experimental data and knowledge in terms of immune cells "passports"

Tatiana Karelina

  • Mechanistic model for the role of the microglial cells in amyloid accumulation and its modulation by immunotherapy (with Amgen).
  • Tau propagation systems pharmacology model based on three-component memory-retrieval system predicts heterogeneous response to immunotherapy in brain regions (with Pfizer).

Oleg Demin Jr

  • Systems Pharmacology Modeling for Optimization of Target Therapy for Melanoma.
  • Mechanistic Modeling of Co-stimulatory and Co-inhibitory Surface Molecules Effect on Cell-to-cell Interactions.

Sergey Smirnov

  • A Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Model of Asthma (with GSK).

Svetlana Rubina

  • Development of Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Model of Multiple Myeloma.

Oleg Demin

  • Mechanistic modeling of Natural Killer cell dynamics and cytokine production to support systems pharmacology modeling of the immune response.

Galina Lebedeva

  • Model-based analysis of clinical assays for assessing the efficacy of vaccines against Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).

Additionally, Aram Oganesian will present joint Astex Pharmaceuticals Inc and InSysBio research "Evaluation of Potential Low-Dose Regimens of Oral Fixed-Dose Combination of Cytidine Deaminase Inhibitor E7727 with Decitabine (ASTX727-LD) to Minimize Decitabine-Mediated Neutropenia in Low-Risk MDS Subjects Using Systems Pharmacology Modeling"