InSysBio to take part in ACoP12

November 10, 2021

October 27, 2021

InSysBio announces its participation in Twelfth American Conference on Pharmacometrics (ACoP12) which is to be held in virtual format this year from November 8-12, 2021. The theme of ACoP12 is “Charting the Course for Our Future”. InSysBio team is going to present the update at its Virtual Booth and 12 posters in frames of the Conference, namely:

Tuesday, November 9:

Poster Session IA (8:00 - 8:45am AND 12:00 - 12:45pm EST)

  • PIA-010 "Heta language: Modularity and Reusability in QSP modeling platforms" by Evgeny Metelkin
  • PIA-014 "Comparison Of Different Approaches To Generate Virtual Patient Populations Of Different Sizes For QSP Model Of Erythropoiesis" by Galina Kolesova
  • PIA-023 "The QSP model of amyloid beta and tau oligomers influence on synaptic plasticity" by Stepan Lerner

Poster Session IB (8:45 - 9:30am AND 12:45 - 1:30pm EST)

  • PIB-013 "Quantitative systems pharmacology model for neurofilament L dynamics in Alzheimer's disease pathology" by Polina Pchelintseva, Tatiana Karelina
  • PIB-018 "PBPK/RO modeling of anti-PDL1 antibodies" by Antonina Nikitich, Oleg Demin Jr

Wednesday, November 10:

Poster Session IIA (8:00 - 8:45am AND 12:00 - 12:45pm EST)

  • PIIA-018 "Development of QSP model of COVID-19 based on Immune Response Template" by Veronika Musatova, Oleg Demin

Poster Session IIB (8:45 - 9:30am AND 12:45 - 1:30pm EST)

  • PIIB-006 "PBPK modeling of T cell distribution in cancer patients" by Dmitry Shchelokov1, Oleg Demin Jr1, Sara Brett2 , Stefan Zajic3, Lourdes Cucurull-Sanchez2

Affiliation: 1 InSysBio, Moscow, Russia; 2 GlaxoSmithKline, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK; 3GlaxoSmithKline, Upper Providence, PA, USA

  • PIIB-031 "Investigation of inflammation during Alzheimer's disease by quantitative systems pharmacology model" by Tatiana Karelina

Thursday, November 11:

Poster Session IIIA (8:00 - 8:45am AND 12:00 - 12:30pm EST)

  • PIIIA-012 "Application of CYTOCON DB to compare cell/cytokine profile of patients with melanoma, NSCLC, and healthy subjects" by Vladislav Leonov
  • PIIIA-019 "A Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Model of adverse effects of PI3K? inhibitors on intestine inflammation" by Sergey Smirnov1, Oleg Demin1, Erqian Yu2, Xiaomin Song2, Sri Sahasranaman2, Yan Ren2

Affiliation: 1 InSysBio, Moscow, Russia; 2 BeiGene, Beijing, China

Poster Session IIIB (8:45 - 9:30am AND 12:30 - 1:00pm EST)

  • PIIIB-013 "Semi-mechanistic PK/PD modeling of anti-CD47 therapeutic agent" by Elena Vasileva, Oleg Demin Jr
  • PIIIB-022 "HetaSimulator is an Open Source Simulation and Parameter Estimation Software for QSP Modeling" by Ivan Borisov, Evgeny Metelkin

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