InSysBio to participate in JuliaCon2024

June 11, 2024

InSysBio announces its participation in JuliaCon 2024 which is to be held from July 9-13, 2024, at the Philips Stadion, Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Ivan Borisov, Senior Software Developer at InSysBio, will give a lightning talk:

July 12, 11:20–11:30 (Europe/Amsterdam), While Loop (4.2)

Ivan Borisov will highlight, "Practical identifiabilty based on Profile Likelihood is a crucial step in determining how well the parameters of a mechanistic model can be recovered from the experimental data. What packages are available to address this problem in Julia and what does Julia SciML community lack? How Profile likelihood-based methods can be applied to predictability analysis? The talk will cover the packages LikelihoodProfiler.jl, ProfileLikelihood.jl and the desirable improvements to Julia SciML ecosystem."

Moreover, InSysBio team is going to present 2 posters in frames of the Conference, namely:

July 10, 20:00–20:30 (Europe/Amsterdam), Function (4.1)

July 10, 21:00–21:30 (Europe/Amsterdam), Else (1.3)

About InSysBio

InSysBio is a group of Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) companies located in Limassol, Cyprus (INSYSBIO CY Ltd) and Edinburgh, UK (INSYSBIO UK LIMITED). InSysBio was founded in 2004 and has an extensive track record of helping pharmaceutical companies to make right decisions on the critical stages of drug research and development by application of QSP modeling. InSysBio’s innovative QSP approach has already become a part of the drug development process implemented by our strategic partners: there are more than 100 completed projects in collaboration with leaders of pharmaceutical industry. For more information about InSysBio, its solutions and services, visit