Workshop on Immune Response Template (IRT): IRT templates export, edition and merge with existing projects for QSP platform development

April 24, 2024

InSysBio announces the upcoming workshop on Immune Response Template (IRT) in frames of PAGE 2024. The worksop will be held at the Ergife Hotel, Rome, Italy on June 25, 2024, 11:00 – 14:00 CET.

This workshop aims to demonstrate IRT templates export, edition and merge with existing projects for QSP platform development.

IRT is a Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) platform of immune system that contains base models of cells and cytokines processes and their parameters. IRT allows to export any part of the platform pre-developed equations and use it for the new QSP platform creation. Also, parts of the IRT platform may be integrated with existing projects and models using Heta compiler 

At this workshop we will demonstrate how to speed up development and improve the existing model by adding prepared templates from IRT. Open-source model, developed without IRT templates usage, will be merged with the IRT submodel template to extend the QSP project and introduce more detailed mechanistic description of the immune process. The open-source model will be used “as is” in its original format to save our time. With Heta compiler usage, the result will be translated into format compatible with simulation software. 

In frames of this workshop, you will familiarize yourself with: 

  • IRT template export and edition 
  • IRT template merge with pre-developed QSP model
  • Heta compiler to convert QSP model formats into each other 

Workshop Instructor: Veronika Musatova (Head of IRT development team)

The workshop is free of charge.

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