IRT webinars. InSysBio ecosystem to speed up and facilitate QSP model development

November 9, 2023

InSysBio announces the upcoming webinar on Immune Response Template (IRT) "IRT webinars" on November 21 & 28, 2023 at 8am PST / 11am EST. This webinar aims to demonstrate how to use InSysBio ecosystem and IRT in particular to speed up and facilitate QSP model development. IRT is a Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) platform of immune system and tool for development of QSP and mechanistic models related to immune response.

There are two options to attend the webinar. The participants can join live webinars with Google Meet or watch the course at any time on YouTube. The live webinar represents a free 2-part online course while YouTube course consists of 6 videos. YouTube videos will also be helpful to review the material. The webinar includes theoretical lessons and practical tasks. The practical part covers the case study on development of a QSP model of NEU depletion during Sarilumab treatment. Veronika Musatova and Anastasia Ivanova, IRT development team, are the speakers of the webinar.

To attend the webinar, please fill in the form.

Both links (Google Meet & YouTube) will be sent once registered. Join our webinar!

About InSysBio's QSP tools used in the course:

Heta is a functional and flexible environment for modeling projects development, that consists of Heta language, Heta simulator and Heta compiler.

CYTOCON DB is a manually curated database that allows collecting, processing and visualizing publicly available data on immune cells and cytokine baseline concentrations in humans, decreasing search time for modelers.

fIVE DB is aimed to facilitate calibration of biomodels based on in vitro data. It accumulates in vitro measurements and translates them into kinetic parameters.

About InSysBio

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