InSysBio CEO Oleg Demin gives a talk at the 6th FIP Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress2017

May 23, 2017

Moscow, Russia - May 23, 2017. InSysBio CEO Oleg Demin gives a talk at the 6th FIP Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress2017. He will speak about how to use QSP modeling to investigate drug safety at different stages of development.

Oleg will describe two case studies from the InSysBio practice in his report. The first one concerns Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) therapy, which is being developed by R-Pharm pharmaceutical company (Russia). A new drug, which is a protein that binds several mediators of the disease, is now undergoing clinical trials. R-Pharm provided data on preclinical studies on monkeys, and the task of the InSysBio team was to predict the minimal effective dose for human trials, which means striking a balance between efficacy and safety. You will learn from Oleg Demin's presentation how the InSysBio team met this challenge with the help of systems pharmacology tools.

The second case shows how QSP modeling helped to explain the mechanisms of eosinophilia in patients receiving a specific anti-asthma therapy.It is known that an increase in the number of blood eosinophils under asthma pathology is a marker of inflammation. Therefore drugs causing a similar effect were considered not to be safe. However, with the help of system pharmacology modeling, the group led by Tatyana Karelina showed that the substance was not only safe but also effective, and eosinophilia in blood was a consequence of a decrease in inflammation in lungs. You can read more about this case here.

At the end of his report Oleg will present the latest InSysBio scientific developments. He will talk about cutting-edge modeling methods for immunological diseases and medications. In this field it is very dangerous to choose the wrong dose or target: several cases of patients’ deaths at the first stages of clinical trials are known. That's why pharmaceutical companies need to get exact predictions for immune drug development. Come and listen to Oleg's speech about methods for cell dynamics modeling in immunology May 24, 2017 on section Systems pharmacology – innovative approaches to drug safety, Stockholm, Sweden.