InSysBio Team: Veronika Musatova, Senior modeler, Head of IRT development team

Julia Sergienko
June 6, 2024

Veronika earned her MSc in Biophysics in 2010. Then in 2020 she completed her education on the Data Analysis and Machine Learning program. Her previous experience includes working in genetic testing and teaching.

Veronika joined InSysBio in 2018. Since then, she has extensive modeling experience being engaged into projects in such areas as Hepatitis, SARS-COV2, Immunooncology, Systemic lupus erythematosus and other autoimmune diseases.

Now Veronika is Head of Immune Response Template team. The team develops and maintains Immune Response Template (IRT) database, collaborates with other InSysBio groups to work on various projects and develops QSP (Quantitative Systems Pharmacology) models for the purposes of InSysBio clients.

Veronika emphasizes what is the most valuable aspect of her work, “Immune response modulation opens a wide range of possibilities in different areas of treatment. I really enjoy working with our clients on different cutting-edge projects. The areas in which our QSP projects are built represent the most recent pharmaceutical technologies and this is an honor for me to be involved in the development and testing of modern therapies.”

At InSysBio Veronika is inspired by the possibility to be directly involved in the modern drug development. She also highlights the value of InSysBio’s team, “Great and enthusiastic team of co-workers provides support on every step of my professional development.” 

Outside of QSP modeling Veronika is interested in gardening, ballet and cats. Her credo is “Ad astra per aspera.” Veronika comments on it, “I believe that we must make efforts for continuous development, and this is one of the main meanings of life. On the other hand, life itself is meaningful and priceless. Thus, everyone who needs therapy should have it. That’s why my work means a lot to me. It allows me to follow my way with the company people who share my vision.”

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