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Circulator is a software package for modeling of metabolism, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics in distributed branched systems, including the vascular and gastrointestinal systems. It allows modeling of metabolic and cell-cell interactions of any complexity in tissues, blood vessels, and distribution between the organs and blood.

Circulator was tested on a wide range of practical tasks for modeling of physiology in healthy and pathological states. Circulator 4 was used for modeling and simulations in the framework of the Etherpaths project (7th Framework Program for Research and Technological Development). See

Basic features:

  • Modeling of the transport and distribution of substances, taking into account of complex topology of the flowing system;
  • Modeling of “slow” and “fast” processes simultaneously;
  • Modeling of cell dynamics and transport, taking into account discrete states of the cells: maturation, virus infection etc.;
  • Unlimited compartmentalization of the system and mechanistic description of all compartments.