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Posters & Presentation Archive

IV Meeting of Russian Biophysicists 2012, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia


  • Modeling of neutrophils dynamics in the presence of survival factors (on Russian)
    Subject: Neutrophils Survival
    Authors: Uvarovskii A., Speshilov G., Metelkin E.
    Download materials, abstract, presentation
  • Modeling of SN-38 inhibitor influence on cancer cell cycle (on Russian)
    Subject: Cell Cycle
    Authors: Pavlin S., Metelkin E.
    Download materials, abstract, presentation

DMDG meeting 2012, Loughborough, UK


ICSB 2011, Heidelberg/Mannheim, Germany


  • Prediction of the outcome of the PEG-IFN treatment of HCV using a viral dynamics model combined with population PK-PD methods
    Subject: HCV
    Authors: Vinogradova S.V. , Zhudenkov K.V. , Demin O.V., Benson N. , Van Der Graaf P. H., Karelina T.A.
    Download abstract, poster
  • Kinetic modeling of Escherichia coli central carbon metabolism
    Subject: Ecoli - central metabolism
    Authors: Peskov K.V., Mogilevskaya E.A., Demin O.V.
    Download abstract, poster

2d Joint NIAID-ISTC Workshop on Bioinformatics Tools and Innovation Through Collaboration 2011, Moscow, Russia


PAGE meeting 2011, Athens, Greece


  • A Systems Pharmacology Model of Anandamide Dynamics After FAAH Inhibitor Administration
    Subject: FAAH
    Authors: Metelkin E., Bagrova N., Demin O., Benson N.
    Download abstract, poster

EurasiaBio 2010, Moscow, Russia


  • Theophylline as HDAC – specific antioxidant: Hypothetical mechanism of anti-inflammatory effects in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    Subject: Theophylline
    Authors: Kosinsky Y., Mogilevskaya E., Demin O.
    Download poster, link to the website of the conference

IDDST 2009, Shanghai, China


Helmholtz German-Russian Workshop on Systems Biology 2008, Moscow, Russia


MCCMB 2007, Moscow, Russia


  • System modeling of EphB4/ephrinB2 signaling pathways
    Subject: Ephrin
    Authors: Demidenko A., Peskov K., Dorodnov A., Demin O., Nowlin D., Kraynov E., Vicini P., Luu K.
    Download poster
  • Modeling in Systems Biology: Progress, Problems and Applications to Biotechnology and Biomedicine
    Subject: Ecoli: purins, genetic regulation
    Author: Demin O.
    Download abstract, presentation

12 International Conference "Mathematics. Computer. Education." 2006, Dubna, Russia


Systems Biology: redefining BioThermoKinetics 2006, Trakai, Lithuania


Biomicroworld 2005, Badajoz, Spain


ICSB 2005, Boston, USA


12th International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology 2004, Glasgo, UK